Best Usability Testing Tools To Improve UX
Best Usability Testing Tools To Improve UX

Best Usability Testing Tools To Improve UX

Usability testing means analyzing a website, app, product, or service by testing it with particular users or tools. Basically, during an evaluation, users or tools try to conduct general tasks while observing a particular site or plan, then process the analyzed data and give reviews or reactions. It’s an essential process that is reacquired to make one’s site or prototype effective and efficient.

Purpose of Usability Testing Tools

Usability testing tools are the best options to ensure the product or site’s long-lasting, effective existence, and services. These tools are also helpful for virtual products or services. Moreover, these tools will ensure that the participants will gather skills and experiences.

Top Ten Usability Testing Tools

Here is a list of usability testing tools that will help you to achieve your goal by serving almost the same purposes. However, each has different features, pricing, and affect. 

• Optimizely

• CrazyEgg

• TryMyUI

• UserFeel

• Usabilla

• Loop11

• UserTesting

• Qualaroo

• Userzoom

• Userlytics



Optimizely is a very well-known platform as a usability testing tool. The optimum feature of this particular testing tool is its A/B testing. It can easily run a new test without any hassle. 

As users can lay everything upright on their panels, there is no coding required. It is designed to test modern websites, like pages with vital contents. It makes some significant segmentation, too. 

It enables research, for example, to be narrowed down to respondents from certain geographical areas. This helps to get refined analysis and detailed findings. It is created for a bunch of people including designers, developers, users, etc. 

Optimizely provides a number of extensions, graphic designing, APIs, and coding. The features also include an idea scoring system, idea backlog, commenting, etc. It can schedule variables which means more than one testing. 

Also, it can edit border colors of a webpage, images, texts, etc. easily and quickly. Depends on the technology to modify into personalized code. But you don’t need to modify the code which is produced once already. 

It can trail and able to measure activities like conversations, clicks. Builds extra user accounts alongside the project organization easily. 

The tool is basically for medium businesses and enterprises. The price is available upon request. The pricing can start at $50000 per year. They do not provide any free version.



If you are asking for the best usability testing tool then the top one is CrazyEgg. It is basically click based. The best thing about this tool is that it provides a selection of details that each time brings the data. It’s up to your choice what you want to know or select. 

The best feature of CrazyEgg is their heat maps. There is a scroll map feature that will help you to know that when you are going to lose users or participants on the page. Determines perfectly when the call-to-action will be called!

Then there is the Confetti Snapshots feature which functions kind of works like a heat map. This feature is another highlighted feature that allows fixed points on the page where users clicked rather than giving users an area. Established on such parameters, users can divide the clicks. Like- sites time or geographical area.

It is usually split into four sections. Such as heatmap, scroll map, confetti, overlay. Among these four we talked about the first three. Lastly, the overlay splits the number of clicks on each element of the page. It can be set up easily using Javascript on every page. The reports it provides can only be viewed as a read-only option.

CrazyEgg is basically designed for small, medium, new businesses. The estimated cost is from 24$ to 99$ per month.


TryMyUI is a usability testing tool that provides the option to test all kinds of wireframes or prototypes in virtual studies. It completes its tasks with websites as well as mobile goods and also includes some other alternatives, such as written synopsis or checking of perceptions. 

TryMyUI provides its clients the choice to use their members or users to submit their own database or bring it to use. The tool contains high-quality sectioning and broadcasting ability. Screening the database is one of its general key features. 

UX Diagnostics feature is another one that is only available for teams and enterprise plans. It will help you to improve your app. After revisiting the outline, the UX Sprint feature gathers the workflows in order and it can compare the current and previous tests.

TryMyUI provides the option of stand-alone and adaptable commands. Stand-alone means the tool or software can be operated independently. The usability tools research method is cost-based.

It serves the System Usability Scale Questionnaire by monitoring mouse movements and keystrokes. TryMyUI offers basic characteristics, advanced filtering, quantitative information, and collaborative analysis and will allow testing with the inquirer. To test cell phones this tool will come in handy as well.

The tool is best for sites or businesses like new, small, and medium. The paying option is easy as they pay per result. And for monthly payments, it starts from 299$ to 1.500$.



UserFeel is a remote usability testing tool. It can be operated in multiple languages. It offers usability testing in the English language as well. This tool is able to notes the mouse movements as well as the clicks.

Moreover, there are many auxiliary features of UserFeel. Such as voice-over commentary, video coverage, etc. It is fast and quite easy to use.

The pricing of the UserFeel tool is quite affordable. The price starts from $49 for a single or one-time use wage. Although they do not provide any free use, there is a free trial option.



Usabilla is recognizably different in nature from the other testing tools of this list for usability testing. Usabilla centers on the evaluation of areas like apps, websites, email campaigns, etc. The usage of the tool was different In its early stage. 

Earlier it was not required for testing only but a plan to help the creator, designer or marketer, etc to help their project even after releasing the site. The feedback option they provide to the user is very creative and effective after a visitor goes through the webpage. 

The user doesn’t have to guess from the results from remote tests, users will be able to access the exact feedback that the visitors suggested. Usabilla cellphone app testing abilities are quite useful as well.

Usabilla is a usability testing tool that is set up by Usabilla B.V. It is not a mediocre remote usability tool. The usability testing tool can trace the user’s qualitative and quantitative research, clicks of the user’s mouse. It lays out research outcomes as visual reports. 

It is possible to download the data in PDF, CSV, TEXT, or XML format. It is quite simple to set up Usabilla but does not give options like follow-up queries during the test.

This usability testing tool is basically for small and medium corporations or sites. The pricing plan of Usabilla is for subscription service. Although, a free trial is available and there is no credit card required for that.



Loop11 allows unmoderated remote testing. It shows the stats through reports which contain the time, paths, surveys, or analysis of the task. Users do not need to load the software from the website. Loop11 can be used without coding and the usage is very simple and understandable. 

It can provide real information by using it on any website. Loop11 Can expand to any type of device that includes an entire collection of tools, like testing of live websites, A/B testing, testing of prototypes as well as heat maps and click path analysis. 

Loop11 users have to bring their own participants, but that fact could compensate for the large cost difference between this tool and other usability testing tools of this list. The individuals need to download the Loop11 usability testing tool to their personal devices in order to participate. 

This can portray a negative impact on the participants as there is a dilemma people face to add apps to their devices. The Loop11 usability testing tool is ideal for small and medium-sized corporations.

It provides subscription-based services as well as free services with limitations and free trials. There are a few other pricing plans. The Rapid Insight plan will provide services like 3 user tests per month, 5 users or participants can test, records screen, face, and audio provides unlimited tasks and questions all in $49 per month. 

The Pro plan will provide the whole rapid insights as well as, video-audio downloads, heatmaps, click paths and path analysis, unlimited tests, and participants all in $199 per month and $149 per month charged annually.



UserTesting is a usability testing tool that provides panel-based usability tests. It provides feedback from testers for questions posed by users about the website they visit. The feedback is provided through the form of flash videos or a written description by the testers. 

However, there is no option for follow-up questions. UserTesting is another major usability testing tool that provides great features. The tool works fast and the cost is minimum. It has the ability to evaluate every tester. Every tester provides quality information to users. 

It has a live conversation mode which will allow legit back-and-forth with users. Many users prefer the Highlight Reel functionality of UserTesting that is one of its strongest features.

It is suitable for corporations that run small and medium businesses. The price is available on demand. Although, it might cost a bit more than other tools.



Qualaroo is a vital usability testing tool that provides feedback to the purchasers or users that supports collecting consumer insights make it valuable. It offers inline smart way research which will help queries on the specific webpage. This usability testing tool is created by the creators of CrazyEgg which ensures that this tool is quite promising. 

It allows choosing participants and the type of responses. Qualaroo sends the questions and responses through email notification. To initiate a survey that will not demand any assistance from web designers, you need to add the code once to the site.

Qualaroo is appropriate for every kind of enterprise from small to major and new to old businesses. The pricing of Qualaroo begins from free to premium. There are plans available based on monthly and annual subscriptions.



In the usability testing tools industry, UserZoom is an enormous brand. It is natural for this tool to hit the top of the game, which provides a 537% return on investment. UserZoom is a usability testing tool that will help to record and evaluate the user’s experience for websites, prototypes, applications, etc. 

It is one of the strongest usability testing tools. It will provide insights or visions to every test and enhance the product’s development. This tool can conduct studies and has many features. To use the features this tool provides an option to bring your own contributors to use the tool. 

Around 120 million participants or users use their advanced search engine feature. A user can easily customize the way he wants to use the tool and include the add ons he needs. It will provide fast and effective feedback to its users. 

UserZoom is especially for UX researchers, marketers, product managers, and designers. Highly beneficial for all kinds of Ux insights needs. The tool offers fast outcomes and automated reports and with AES-256 bit it encrypts the data.

UserZoom is basically for new-startup businesses as well as small and medium-sized businesses. The pricing of UserZoom is also available upon request. The cost varies from one user to another depending on their needs.



Userlytics is another well-known usability testing tool in the usability testing industry. They have a large and elaborated complete process for each user in every study. The tool doesn’t only help users but also its participants. 

The way it shows the data to its participants disappoints the users. The system or setup of the surveys can be time-consuming. It is a remote user usability testing tool. To any platform from website-prototype to application-program, it will give you input from actual users. 

This tools framework will help you to develop or modify the architectural data of blogs, websites, mobile or desktop applications, etc. For unmoderated and moderated UX testing it offers automatic transcription, picture-inn picture recordings, hyperlinked annotations, highlight reels, and provides metrics that are quantitative and qualitative. 

Userlytics can block other devices to screen record while the user experiences critical moments during the test by a feature named PII Protection.

This tool is applicable to small and medium-sized enterprises. The price will start from $49 to $69 per participant as a one-time paying method. There is no free version but there is a free trial version available. to $69 per month.

To Wrap Up

Usability testing is a basic requirement for all those companies or sites which need progress in the business. With the help of these tools, one can easily eradicate the area of uncertainty and nourish their sites or webpage after testing by an actual user. So, pick the right one and get the maximum outcome. 

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