Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

The number of websites based on the streaming videos is not a few that you can count especially in recent times. And even, the number of new streamers is going onward. They want to try the best live streaming WordPress themes to showcase publish their work. And to discuss the themes in detail, we are here today.

Basically, people need to stream live videos on different occasions like sports events, musical shows, and others. But for gaming, it’s used the most. However, we will discuss different types of live streamers WordPress themes to help you find the appropriate one for your site.

Why Should You Use Live Streaming WordPress Theme?

No doubt that the internet is now filled with waves of new themes designed with different topics. Among them, finding themes of a particular type must be very different and tiring. That’s why many of you often try to find a list of the best WordPress theme for live streaming. But before we head towards the theme details, you must learn about why you should check out the best themes for streaming.

You cannot simply go for any theme especially if you want your site to be a successful one. Your site must be user-friendly and it depends on the theme. However, for the following reasons, you should think twice before you pay for a theme and to make sure to have the best WordPress theme live for streaming.

  • The best theme will provide a cozy and comfortable look to your site. So, visitors will feel better spending more time on your site.
  • You will get almost all your necessary features for streaming in the best themes for that.
  • A good theme must be integrated with all premium plugins. And that’s a must-have for a popular site.
  • The theme will work the most to make your site user-friendly, handy, and convenient.
  • Most of the best themes are cross-platform supported. So, it will be easier to share your content directly from the site.
  • The theme will also increase the traffic of your site by grabbing the attention of more visitors.
  • Also, the theme will let you monetize your entire site perfectly.

Also, there are many essential reasons, you should check twice before you pay for a theme. But if you trust our suggestions, we can assure you that you won’t regret them. The following list of the best themes for streaming must gain your expected appreciation.

Best Live Streaming WordPress Themes

After checking out a lot of themes, good for live streaming, we come to the end of making a list of 15 themes. We have tried our best to enclose them with brief details so that you can check the theme easily. The price of each theme is changing occasionally and so, we skip the part of mentioning the cost. You can check them out by clicking on the link directly.

1. Streamlab

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

If you want your site to have a very engaging design that grabs the attention of more visitors, you must be surprised by the performance of Streamlab. This theme is presented by Themeforest and it provides innumerable features and exciting background images. Besides, you will get it with both PC and mobile-friendly layouts. Also, it must be fun to explore this theme for sure.

Noteworthy Features

  • More than 10 ready-to-use templates are already available here and you can use the theme for free.
  • Drag and drop elementor page builder will help you create your site easily.
  • This theme lets your visitors enjoy a seamless blogging experience.
  • The UI of this theme is the best part here and no wonder it will provide you the best experience for sure.
  • You don’t even have to be experienced in using codes to generate and customize this theme.
  • This theme provides a hundred percent SEO-optimized and responsive content.
  • It also lets you import live video files from any other media.

2. Vlog

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

To run a video, vlogging, and live streaming website, many professionals have chosen Vlog by Meks, the best WordPress theme for live streaming. This theme is presented by Themeforest and it is highly recommended for its original layouts. This elegant and minimalist theme will attract the visitors so well that you will observe the benefits of using it very soon after you start it.

Noteworthy Features

  • You can import videos to your site once you are using Vlog. Eventually, this theme for streaming supports videos from Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Once you have a lot of videos on your site, you must love to make a playlist with them. Vlog makes creating a playlist easier.
  • The visitors of your site enjoy exclusive functions like ‘Watch Later’ and experience high-quality video with cinema mode.
  • For your live streaming website, you can initially make over 200 layout combinations.
  • Vlog makes monitoring your site easier and efficient.
  • This theme features multiple header layouts and specific widgets that can be highlighted.
  • This theme is 100% compatible with all popular visual composer plugins and features a very responsive design.

3. Vayvo

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

You can also use Vayvo and we are sure you won’t get disappointed with it. This affordable WordPress theme for live streaming features exactly what you need to publish your live streaming video. It is handy and designed with a very minimalist look. Besides, it features a convenient drug and drops page builder with a very protective security policy. Also, it’s a completely responsive and retina-support theme with top-notch features.

Noteworthy Features

  • You can use the handy frontend and WPbakery page builder to create lots of custom sliders.
  • The visitors won’t get confused with this theme as it supports the translation of almost all languages.
  • A built-in video player will help you create and publish authentic and premium category video and music streaming.
  • This theme offers an affordable boosted element add-on for your site.
  • As there are lots of demo content available here, you can simply build new content following the demo.
  • Users can easily create watchlists and use an advanced search engine to find new content.

4. goWatch

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

Themeforest also presents goWatch by Touch and it can be your problem solver once you look for the best video streaming WordPress theme. With tons of elegant background images, this theme allows you to enjoy all the facilities with any previous coding experience. Besides, it is fun to use and able to attract more viewers to increase the trafficking of your site.

Noteworthy Features

  • This theme is built with tons of useful and exciting widgets for the gallery, Most like, Most Popular, Latest Posts, tags, Portfolios, etc.
  • The sticky sidebar will expose all the important content on your site.
  • To publish your live stream videos, you can initially use the video custom post option.
  • An extended privacy system will ensure the topmost security for your site. This theme eventually blocks the visitors from directly copying your content.
  • It also offers unlimited color options and so, you can customize the site you want.
  • You can eventually make tons of mosaic posts with this theme to expose them to your visitors.


Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

Live streaming doesn’t mean gaming only. People need to live stream events and other occasions as well. SKRN would be the best option for those who love to stream for different purposes. Generally, this elegant WordPress theme is known to boost your site performance in a different way. Additionally, it integrated almost all common WordPress plugins as well. Why not learn more about this theme from the below list?

Noteworthy Features

  • The free trial option lets you enjoy and understand this theme before you pay for it.
  • The theme includes a convenient media library and a very active search engine to find a particular media.
  • It also lets you create amazing sliders to customize your content list.
  • This theme provides the best live streaming services with multiple language support and so, people of any language can use it seamlessly.
  • Extensive drag and drop page builder lets you customize your site as you want it to be.
  • This modern WordPress theme also comes with a page restriction facility, watchlist, favorite, video player functions, and a lot more to explore.

6. Streamit

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

If you are a beginner live streamer,  we must love to get an easy-to-use live streams theme for your site. For that, we would like to recommend Streamit. The functions of this theme are extremely minimalist and you will learn to use it from the beginning. Additionally, it’s a very handy theme with tons of widgets and beautiful background images. Even for many professionals, it’s a must-try live streaming theme.

Noteworthy Features

  • The available HTML version will let you enjoy the updates for your WordPress site with this theme.
  • Content restriction plugin and tons of amazing theme pages are also available here.
  • Its feature-rich video streaming template will help you showcase your content in the perfect way.
  • A very responsive team will be Always there to support you in any case you feel problematic.
  • A video rating feature will again help you get responses from your visitors easily.
  • This response theme comes with the perfect UI and the best design for gaming live streaming.

7. PixieBolt

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

To enjoy unlimited live streaming on gaming projects, you can definitely give it a try on PixieBolt. Small teams, gamers, big gaming projects, and all are suitable for this modern WordPress theme and we are sure that you will feel comfortable with it. Besides, it is compatible with almost all popular widgets and you can seamlessly use all the plugins with your WordPress site.

Noteworthy Features

  • It’s a hundred percent responsive and color customizable theme to explore.
  • For gaming video gamers and music artists, it is almost the perfect theme as it provides a custom video player option.
  • You can also create lots of sliders to showcase your video content in the most beautiful way.
  • It is affordable, easy to use, minimalist, convenient, and provides 24/7 customer support.
  • This theme requires no coding knowledge and it shows the list of media with a responsive search engine.

8. PixieHuge

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

To run a gaming website where you can publish unlimited live streaming video, you can try PixiHuge by Pixie Squad. This eye-catchy theme with a dark scheme will definitely catch the notice of all game lovers easily. This theme is presented in ThemeForest which makes it even more reliable and aesthetic. However, this is an all-in-one solution for eSports platforms.

Noteworthy Features

  • You can customize this theme with just a few clicks. Apparently, PixieHuge is very user-friendly.
  • This PixieHuge theme allows you to add infinite teams, players, sponsors, and more. You can easily host yourself via live streams while gaming and also publish recorded one hassle freely.
  • The sponsor promotion is quite easy with this best WordPress theme.
  • This theme is highly suitable for sports streaming and score-showing WordPress websites.
  • There are also features like feeds, blogs, categories, and more. It eventually makes your web pages more flexible.
  • This theme doesn’t require any coding knowledge to operate.
  • It is 100% responsive and compatible with all plugins. It also supports wpbakery page builder.
  • It also supports direct live streams on Youtube, Twitch, and mixer.

9. PlayerX

For professional video streamers, our recommendation must follow PlayerX without any confusion. PlayerX aims to bring more than your target audience to boost the traffic for your site. Additionally, this powerful theme is specially integrated for gaming and so, it offers various layouts for gaming shows. Also, it lets you use different custom widgets and background images as well.

Noteworthy Features

  • This app lets you customize all the colors, sections, and pages of your site and the theme.
  • It lets you showcase all the promotional posts and offers on the front page.
  • You can make and publish live streaming videos both with Twitch, Azubu, and Hitbox.
  • eCommerce support is the best part of this theme and so, you can instantly open your online shop with your site using this theme.
  • Building community and forum is also very easy and quick with this theme.
  • This powerful theme allows you to build your own static page using custom codes.

10. MotoVix

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

Motovix by TempleMonster is highly suggested for any type of live stream website. It’s a relatively lighter theme and presents the perfect frequent vlog for video publishers and streamers. It also comes with great room for customization and color adjustments. Moreover, Motovix supports Ecwid which allows you to conveniently build E-commerce sites. Lastly, the best WordPress live streaming theme comes with large color customizations.

Noteworthy Features

  • WordPress live streaming themes like this one always let you choose from six different magnificent header styles. Apparently, you can pick based on your website’s goal.
  • This theme has a magazine-type appearance which is really effective for video and vlog content. It is super easy to apply.
  • Eventually, it is possible for its super-friendly installation wizard.
  • There are a couple of widgets features in MotoVix to add icons, sliders, and menu hassle freely.
  • This mind-blowing theme offers a great number of fonts and tons of colors to make your streaming website more elegant.
  • Additionally, it is quite easy to modify with friendly control and widgets.
  • This theme also comes with lots of customizable background images.
  • Great customer service and build-in Subscriber forms are available too.

11. Avada

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

Avada is the best-seller of Themeforest, especially for the live streamers. It is built with exactly what you need to make outstanding streaming videos for your WordPress site. This light theme comes with a drag and drop visual editor and a powerful layout builder. You don’t need to learn the coding functions to use this responsive theme as it is quite easy to use and provides maximum functionalities.

Noteworthy Features

  • This best WordPress live streaming theme provides more than 400 pre-built web pages and all the widgets to make your site responsive, convenient, and elegant.
  • More than 50 main and sub-theme option panels are the best part of this theme and you won’t regret using this theme.
  • You can use tons of custom fonts from any font family in this theme. Additionally, this theme allows you to edit the color scheme as well.
  • You will get a stunning fusion mega menu with this theme.
  • Using this responsive theme is quite easy and you can simply add content following a few steps.

12. Videoly

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

You cannot deny the supremacy of Videoly once you start using it to publish your live streaming videos. This theme is the best option for bloggers, gaming live streamers, YouTubers, and vloggers. This theme comes with a built-in page builder and support for additional widgets and premium plugins. Besides, a beautiful video composer lets you make amazing streaming videos as well.

Noteworthy Features

  • WordPress live streaming themes like this one come with a hundred percent SEO optimization and a very responsive design.
  • It’s fully cross-browser compatible and it provides an amazing homepage demo for the users.
  • You will also get tons of hero sliders to use. The sliders will help you showcase your content perfectly.
  • Visual composer and WordPress customizer are the best part of this theme.
  • The streaming services are a WPML multilingual theme and visitors of any country can use it properly.
  • This WordPress live streaming theme integrates all the social media and your visitors can rate your video as well.

13. Video Pro

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

Another preferable theme for both personal and gaming community live streaming websites is Video Pro. It comes with a high level of flexibility and a very convenient and easy to manage theme. You can even use other video streaming websites and video stream site links and auto-embed those videos on your entire website. Overall, Video Pro is a great theme for both video stream and publish.

Noteworthy Features

  • This theme even lets the visitors of your streaming website submit posts and videos if you allow it.
  • The rating system for judging the contacts is also available here.
  • You can simply add screenshots of the videos for your visitors.
  • Like, comment and share features are included in this awesome theme.
  • You can easily create video channels and playlists for the videos and vlogs.
  • This WordPress live streaming theme lets you customize every inch of the theme page and it comes with a  floating video player.
  • A pre-defined space for advertisements will be another considering part of this theme.
  • The streaming services also allow promoting affiliated video content.

14. PixieFreak

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

Our next recommendation for beginner live streamers is PixieFreak. Not just for the beginner, this powerful gaming WP theme can also be a perfect option for professionals. It comes with a huge number of built-in templates and it provides a wide range of background images. This WordPress live streaming theme is even compatible with almost all the widgets and plugins for your site as well.

Noteworthy Features

  • Showcasing your site will be fun and exciting as this theme provides sliders and a motion-framed content posting function.
  • Creating your eSports community will be easier and more convenient with this theme.
  • You can even make a slider for eSports video news on your site to get more viewers.
  • This live streaming theme eventually provides lifetime support for your site. And updated are free always.
  • It also lets you use the trial for free before your pay for it.
  • One-click demo import and tons of amazing video templates are available in this theme set for sure.

15. GoodGame

Best WordPress Themes for Live Streaming

Lastly, it is GoodGame and it mainly focuses on gaming video content. This high-end live streaming theme is minimalist and user-friendly at the same time. So, getting more traffic with this theme is relatively easier. Moreover, it has a great amount of built-in customizable options. It eventually helps a lot to make the website easily and ensures a better privacy system.

Noteworthy Features

  • It comes with a pre-build video rating system that can be effective to make live streaming websites popular.
  • The whole design of GoodGame is Responsive. Apparently, it easily suits any screen.
  • This theme supports multi-language. Initially, you will need WPML plugins for using other languages.
  • It features “Social media sharing” options where visitors can directly share links to any social media.
  • Creating and publishing videos and vlogs is easy and time-saving.
  • It features WooCommerce that lets you build a great merchandise business.
  • You can enjoy a completely customizable admin panel and sidebar.
  • Extended bbPress and BuddyPress support will be available too.
  • Simple drag and drop style page builder is there with SEO optimized full-width page.


Q: What kind of content you can publish with a live streaming theme?

A: A live streaming WordPress theme is capable of showcasing multiple types of content. You can simply publish live streaming videos of any corporate events, video series, blogs, music streaming, sliders, texts, radio shows, and all other media. Eventually, you can promote any kind of media that actually showcases real-time interaction among all the users.

Q: What should I check while choosing the best live Streaming WordPress theme?

A: While choosing the best WordPress themes for live streaming events and video live streams, you should check a few features. Responsiveness, flexibility, extended, compatibility with plugins, widgets, cross-browser, different screen types, built-in page builders, WPML function, SEO optimization, etc are the basic features you should look for.

Q: What is the best live streaming WordPress theme for gamers?

A: Streamlab, Vayvo, and Streamit are known to be the best ever live streaming website themes. You can also use Pixelbolt, Video Streaming, Motovix as well to enjoy unlimited video streams on your site.

Final Verdict

So, these are the recommended & best live streaming WordPress themes you can use to showcase and publish your live streams. We have checked a considerable number of themes and among them, we choose these 15 as the best. It is essential to inform you that all these themes are paid and most of them are presented by ThemeForest. There are also many WordPress live streaming themes by TempleMonster as well.

We can assure the best list streaming experience with these themes as they provide more functions than you actually need. So, let us know what theme you have chosen and how it works there. Thank you for staying with us.

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