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COVID-19 Pandemic | What To Do With Your Startup Now?

The COVID-19 outbreak has lead to the lockdown of a number of developing countries. This lockdown is very important to help sustain human life and prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus SARS Cov 2, which has been causing an uproar around the globe, killing thousands of people. Although the mortality rate of those affected by this virus is around 96%, it is specifically deadly to people whose immune system has worn out or have prior medical conditions. It is highly contagious. Hence, people need to stay at home to prevent this virus from spreading. If you are an entrepreneur, you must be thinking about what to do with your startup in this lockdown situation for this threat!

What To Do To Improve Your Startup Business Status?


Although the lockdown is very essential right now, it has its share of pros and cons. People are quarantined and access is limited to their house only, which means offices, shops, roads, and streets are empty. All of the businesses are closed, which is a temporary economic downfall. In a time of crisis like this, when a plague is wreaking havoc in your country, it is perfectly normal for you to worry about your startup as an entrepreneur. The trick is to not let panic take over you. Think about every aspect in a calm and composed manner to prevent yourself from taking wrong decisions in haste.

  • If you think about it carefully, this lockdown has granted you a lot of time to improvise your plans. Since you won’t be able to implement any of the prior plans you had in your mind, I will advise you to make use of this time by strategizing. There cannot be a better time than this, because you are at home, in your own comfort zone and free from any other work you would otherwise be occupied with. Your mind is free to think about and plan only about your startup, which means it can work more efficiently.
  • Use this time to research about the likelihood of your previous plans being successful. You may do this very easily with the help of the internet. Read stories about similar startups, their owners and their journeys. Take inspiration from them and try to come up with new, creative ideas. Compete with yourself. The internet will also let you work on one of the most important parts of a startup; your website. Your website is a crucial element of your business that effectively promotes your brand and helps your business flourish.
  • You can utilize the time at home instead of sitting idle. Play with any friendly CMS like WordPress, or any excellent ready-made template to improve the visual look along with various helpful functionalities of your website for your audience. Add more useful plug-ins or update the ones that are already installed. Try to improve the interface and user experience. Upgrade your marketing management tools and business strategies as well.
  • Add more improved and advanced search engine optimization (SEO) tools so that search engines can find your webpage easily. You can work on many aspects of your website, such as page loading speed, quality of content, and fix any broken links. If the loading speed of your website is slow, people will prefer other websites that load faster than yours. The same goes for the quality of the content that you post.
  • Make use of more features from WordPress such as moving, adding or customizing dashboards. Preview different themes without actually applying them to your website. Explore all of its features such as accessibility mode for widgets, keyboard shortcuts, hidden secret page options, and image editing features. Practice makes a man perfect. So practice using various essential marketing tools to make the most out of them. Don’t forget that if your website is not pleasing to the eye, people won’t bother remembering it, let alone pay a second visit or tell anyone else about your business.
  • Browse through the internet and look at what your rivals are up to. Try to surpass their standards with your work. Search engine optimization will lead to more exposure to your target audiences. For now, everyone is on the internet because they cannot go out. If they get to know about your business during this time, they will know where to go, or what to do after this lockdown ends. So, online advertising will be the most effective now.
  • You have a valid reason to worry about your finances during this lockdown. But you have to think about how to turn the tables in your favor once this pandemic ends. In order to do so, you can come up with interactive online games or quizzes which people will be able to play on the internet. This will keep them engaged in this crisis and also promote your brand in the process. This is the perfect opportunity to promote your startup online.

To Conclude

Don’t be stressed thinking about what you will do about your startup during this COVID-19 crisis. If you only think about the cons of this lockdown, you will never be able to take advantage of this situation to make your startup successful. Instead, work in such a way that when this pandemic ends, your startup climbs its way to success with your perfectly planned strategies and ideas. Idle time is the best time to challenge your own ideas and analyze them to find out any loopholes that may lead to failure. If you are able to do that, be assured that this lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic will only bring about a better chance for your startup.

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