Upcoming Industry Leading Web Design Conferences 2020

Web design conferences not only umbrella all the sectors related to the industry but also is a gathering of like-minded professionals whose ideas and insights may prove very fruitful. Not only knowledge is required to stay in the competition, but also networking around which often provides more plus points than you could think of.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most of the companies and event managers have shut down their operations on a substantial level and have migrated to the online world to cope up with the sudden change.

In this article, we will be providing you with a thorough list of international web conferences happening all around the world. But before that, let’s take a look at how we pick and shortlist our events before presenting them on our website.

Industry Leading Web Design Conferences

How We Sort Out

Our top priority is timing. This also includes the date and time zones. We always ensure that the events happening around the world in a single day are listed properly. We also check if the event has been aired last year or before that or whether it’s a brand new concept.

The success rate is also another important factor as we only list the ones that are well-organized and widely accepted. Quality comes first. And of course, we review the keynote speakers. This includes their public profile, professionalism, and the areas they are the most skilled in.

And last but not least, we analyze how much are the opportunities the events offer and the benefits our readers will get by attending them. After all, we always would want you to attend the event that is best for you.

Web Design Conferences To Attend in 2020

Virtual citizens, both old and young, are now opting to learn the art of designing web pages, creating and developing sites and so much more that brings their creative skills to light than any other means. If you are eager to join this area of tech-business, you must know that it is essential to keep up the latest updates.

Now you can sit back and attend these design conferences 2020 without having to worry about going out or your personal safety. So grab your calendars and to-do lists and scroll down!


1.HalfStack New York

August 14, 2020 New York, NY USA

HalfStack New York

This conference is a high-end event with lots of opportunities for the up and coming web designers. It will feature a good number of motivational and successful keynote speakers and decision-makers from the UK, Europe, and USA specializing in UI/UX design, web development, JavaScript, and IoT.

Hosted by London’s longest-lived JavaScript meetup group, HalfStack is returning to New York for the second time. HalfStack is a one-day single-track creative JavaScript and web celebration hosted in a relaxed environment. Up to 270 participants can register in this event.

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2.An Event Apart

August 17, 2020 Minneapolis, MN USA

An Event Apart

With the motto of ‘Set Yourself Apart’, this one-day online event is going to be a cluster of activities meant for the web designing enthusiasts, front end focus on development, and insight on the future of affiliated technology.

Famous keynote speakers shall be discussing topics like modern CSS, web designing principles, unblocking backlog jams, and so on. Authors on the relevant field shall also be partaking Q/A sessions which will enable the participants to share their curiosities and confusions.

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3.React Rally

August 22, 2020 Salt Lake City, UT USA

React Rally

React Rally is a community conference about React and topics interesting to React to users and developers. Their events are friendly and provide plenty of opportunities for the participants for hallway-track time to chat with the wonderful speakers and likeminded participants.

They have arranged a similar event for the past five years with grand success. This year’s event will be a one day, single-track conference that will focus on the usages of their own tools like React.js, React Native, and many more.

Keynote speakers will focus on topics such as universal JavaScript, React Native and so much more. Whether you were a part of React during your debut as a developer, or a new user, React Rally has opportunities for all.

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4.Design Thinking

September 8, 2020

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is not just among the typical web design conferences, rather a platform for much more. This online conference is a gateway to unveiling various new experiences that also come up with a number of insightful innovations that your employers will absolutely love.

You will get the chance to hear out from the best thinkers from around the world that specialize in design, innovation and so much more. This conference shall focus on web design as well as other criteria that are linked to this topic.

Consisting of open-minded speakers with interactive sessions, this event enables a lot of question-solving than any other event. What’s more, the first 1000 participants will get the tickets for free!

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5.Appril Festival

September 14, 2020 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Appril Festival

A fest solely meant for the tech-savvy developers who work on mobile phones, apps, and newest innovations. This event is a highlight of the mobile market, app creation and marketing, UI/UX design, and so on. Successful figures of the relevant fields will be there to share their piece of mind and take you down the way of building a successful brand in the near future.

You can also meet the business strategists firsthand; mingle with the designers and entrepreneurs and get to rub a few elbows that will definitely be a plus point for you as a beginner in this field of technology.

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6.An Event Apart Orlando

October 5, 2020 Orlando, FL USA

An Event Apart Orlando

Right beside the landmark that beckons every Disney fan closer to the kingdom of their dreams, in and around one of the finest resort hotels famed for its finest cuisines with spectacular beaches draped in white-sand and refreshing pools – this event is the ultimate getaway for anyone who loves to enjoy nature as well as work on web designing.

An Event Apart will span for three days with 17 sessions. It will intensely focus on UX, content making, coding, digital art and design and so much more, giving you a deeper view into the present and the future of the technologies related to the aforementioned topics.

Early bird tickets to this event are available for a special price, so go grab yours right away!

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7.Design Thinking Conference 2020

October 8, 2020 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Design Thinking Conference

Not like a traditional conference yet one the most high-energy and interactive conferences that are solely meant for the up and coming designers who are looking for guidance and web inspiration. With the vision to help the youngsters go through the world of Design Thinking, this event shall focus on revisiting problems and reimagining solutions, debates to move upward, help on self-reflection and figure out the next step to a new, advanced future.

There is a special discount for the early birds on ticket purchases as the event. Hurry up and register today!

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October 14, 2020, Atlanta, GA USA


The largest front-end, multi-framework conference in the entire USA – this event will include famous and inspiring keynote speakers who will focus on 5 tracks containing Core JS/JS Frameworks, Angular, React, Node/Server-side, UI/UX Design, Web/HTML/CSS and much more.

Since this event is going to cover up a good number of topics related to the web designing and developing sector, participants from every nook and corner can easily partake to get a full-track, hands-on experience.

Special offer: The first 500 registering participants from the USA will get a swag box full of goodies, for free!

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9.beyond tellerrand

November 09, 2020, Berlin, Germany

beyond tellerrand

For the seventh time in Düsseldorf, beyond tellerrand has returned! This event is as affordable as it is exciting, with about 500+ participants. With side events evolving around the core event which consists of workshops, interactive sessions on digital design, technology, and latest innovation – this leading design event is a great way of learning so much, even for someone who has not worked in this field before!

Beyond tellerand has arranged several sessions before and is a popular name known to both veteran and partially old web designers alike. Their events are set up in friendly environments, which make them more accessible to the newbies.

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10.Smashing Conference

November 10, 2020

Smashing Conference

With different time zones set for the participants from different parts of the world, this conference shall consist of front-end, UI/UX, and live sessions on interface design, copywriting, designing for emotions, debugging, CSS/JS and many other things which they have kept a surprise.

The conference will span for two consecutive days and is very time-zone friendly. They also have a special visual note prepared for the employers who need a helping hand on convincing their bosses, go check it out!

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11. An Event Apart

December 14, 2020 San Francisco, CA USA

An Event Apart

Enjoy the luxuries of the Westin St. Francis while embarking on a futuristic journey with An Event Apart. The Westin St. Francis on Union Square is not just for lodgings, but a historical and popular destination dating back to 1904. Revel yourself on the mighty, marble-white columns, ornate balconies and other ensembles of architecture bearing sheer elegance while participating in the three-day creative design conference.

This is packed with 17sessions providing an in-depth focus on UI/UX designing, content making, coding, digital art and design and so much more, giving you a deeper view into the present and the future of the technologies related to the aforementioned topics.

Early bird tickets to this event are available for a special price, so go grab yours right away!

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Wrapping Up

Unlike other fields of inventions, technology is a fast-paced one that welcomes updates and innovations every single day. One may find it very hard to keep up with that pace and educate oneself on all the latest technologies and updated features, follow the greatest of minds in the particular field as well as communicating with them and expanding your connections.

Without doing all these, be sure that you will be left in the dust in no time. And the solution to avoid such a bleary circumstance is attending the web design conferences happening all around the world!

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