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FAQ Page

Both customers and authors of templates may have some questions that can be a common query amongst customers and authors alike. Hence, to make the answer process easier, we have come up with this FAQ page.

Buyer’s FAQ

Are all themes responsive?

Yes, all the themes are 100% responsive; the layout for each device is designed for better user interface and experience.

Are the templates updatable?

Yes, all the themes are updatable. However, you need to use the license key to update successfully. Every time a new update is available, you will be notified through email. Moreover, you can check the notification of your Word Press dashboard for updates.

Can I use the license on multiple websites?

Well, it depends on your purchase type. Themeies has two types of purchase- a single purchase and bundle purchase. If you have purchased the bundle version, you can use the same template at best six times, i.e., the template can be active in six different websites simultaneously.

How to update the template?

One thing to keep in mind before updating is that the site must be active. If the site is active, go to the “Themes” and click update. Your license key will be required during the update, so make sure you don’t lose it. Simply enter the license key, and you have the updated version of the website

Why should you use our templates and themes?

The themes and templates at Themeies are developed with greater attention to details and coding standards and techniques used. We ensure code optimization and use light-weight elements for the fast loading of your website. Moreover, we provide a variety of designs that are put together after rigorous brainstorming of the designers and developers.

What is the refund policy?

You can get refund till the 14th day of your purchase, i.e. for 14-days you will be using a free version and if the theme is still active, you will be charged for it.

What to do if I need a PHP version of the theme?

Unfortunately, no PHP file version is available. However, you can add short codes to customize the website if it is required.

Can I request for customized template based on my requirements?

Yes, email us your specific requirements, and we will get back to you with a quote. If you accept the quote, we will contact you soon for a detailed conversation.

Can I use other plugins with this theme?

Yes, you can use other plugins with the themes and templates of Themeies. However, all plugins might not be suitable or functioning. If such problems arise, contact our customer support.

Do you have any special plugin or theme just for e-commerce stores?

Yes, we have E-commerce themes with various designs with the effort to address your needs. However, you can customize mostly everything and design the website as per your needs.

What should be the desired size and resolution for the e-commerce product picture?

Well, product image size is an important feature for any e-commerce store. The ideal size for any image would be 728x370. The recommended resolution is 60-70 dpi.

Author’s FAQ

Do I have to create an account to sell?

Yes, you need to create an account to start selling your themes and templates.

How do I signup as a seller?

You need to sign up using a valid email, and need to complete the registration with a valid bank account.

Do I need to pay a subscription fee?

No, since you will be getting royalties, you don’t need to give a subscription for selling.

What to do if the theme submitted is rejected?

Unfortunately, we don’t submitany files to explain the reason behind the rejection. However, you need to make sure if meet the certain standards that we follow. An additional tip could be to make sure you include a footer stating all rights of the templates and themes are reserved by Themeies, and no one should try to use it without authorization. Without the acknowledgment of the rights, your template/theme will be automatically rejected. For more information, please email us.

Can I claim the theme to be mine?

All the themes and templates are available as the property of Themeies. Once you submit your themes and templates, you cannot use the template or theme anywhere else since you have given Themeies,the ownership. However, if you are caught on selling the same design on multiple platforms, you will be banned from Themeies as an author.

As an author I’m not a developer of Themeies, how will I know if my template or themes need any updates or improvements?

Well, you will be notified through email. Moreover, you will be notified about the reviews and complaints of customers; so, you will know the things you need to improve are. If you are still perplexed, you can email our developers or set up a Skype meeting with them. Apart from all this, you can release an updated version every three months.

How much do I receive as a royalty fee for the themes and templates?

We pay our authors a small fee upon submission of the theme and template. Moreover, we pay you a royalty fee every time with every purchase. The fee varies upon the design on your templates, the number of pages, and the standards of your code. However, once you submit and it is accepted, you will be notified through email the percentage we are willing to pay for royalty.

Can I promote myself through the themes and templates I developed?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to promote yourself or sell your services and products. All the rights of your themes and templates should be in the name of Themeies.

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