Item Support Policy

You should always check the item support policy of Themeies because it is essential to make facts clear to you. To learn about what is included in the items and what is not, please check the below policies properly.

Facts included in the items:

  • Item Support Period – Generally 6 months from the purchase date is considered as the item support period which is included in the items. In this time, Themeies team will must be available for the item support services.
  • Availability to answer the question – During the item support period, it is our responsibility to answer all the general questions relevant to the items and its functionalities. We are free to answer the question in different formats.
  • Technical question-answer – Again, Themeies team is responsible to answer all the technical questions and make you understood.
  • Detection of the items – as the authors cannot detect the items completely by himself, he is responsible to help you detecting those items.
  • Updating the items – We will be available to update all your products so that they will be compatible with the ongoing trend.

Facts excluding the items:

  • Themeiesis not responsible to handle the customizing tasks of the items.
  • Installing the products also falls out of our tasks. But you can offer our technical team to help you Installing the items privately.
  • Themeies team should not be expected to be available for hosting, server the environment, and working for the software.
  • If the Support item period doesn’t include the task of helping in detecting the items and in assisting the third party, then we will not do so.
  • The following are the principle item support policy for our site. Make sure to go for a deal after getting acknowledged about these policies and get clear guidance.
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