Best Free Admin Templates To Create Custom Dashboard

Best Free Admin Templates To Create Custom Dashboard

Are you planning to boost up your workflow using the most popular and best free admin templates? It refers to create a user-friendly interface of a web application’s back end to make the administrative task more comfortable. As a webmaster, you can view and manage the whole statistics of your site in detail through an admin template. Isn’t it interesting? That’s why it has been a popular and essential part of web technology and business as well. 

A question may arise in your mind. What does it need to build an interactive admin template? In short, it is built with HTML, CSS, and various JavaScript libraries (AngularJS and ReactJS). It comes with a set of powerful UI components and applications. Before going to the central part of this content, let’s have a look at some of the criteria to define an ideal admin template. Then, you can choose the suitable one and customize it according to your tastes. 

How To Define Best Free Admin Templates?

It’s essential to know the characteristics of the desired feature of an admin template. Here is a short brief on this.

Design: The design of an admin template must be unique and hassle-free. It should be well-organized and user-friendly. You must choose an attractive and professional design for your site control panel. 

Quality: You can’t compromise about the quality issue in choosing an admin template. A well-defined and structured code is crucial to define a good quality admin template.

Customizable: An ideal admin template should be easy-to-use and highly customizable. This feature helps to make a more flexible environment for you to work on its efficiency, redundancy, and speed. 

Functionalities: It’s essential to have as many as functionalities in an admin template. It helps avoid complications in designing the custom dashboard. It should have graphs, plugins, analytics, charts, and many other advanced operational features. 

Best Free Admin Templates With Noteworthy Features

Among thousands of admin templates, it can be fishy to find out the proper one for maintaining your site. Well! Themeies team has come with an extensive list of the best free admin templates for you. Let’s go inside it!


The concept is a modern and free Bootstrap-based HTML5 admin template with a ton of features. It comes with a clean and minimal design. You will find different types of dashboards in Concept to choose from for your purpose. 

It includes forms, charts, maps, carousels, tabs, accordions, and many more essential elements. Besides this, it is a multi-page template with standard data tables, calendar, pricing table, color and date picker, image cropper, and several widgets.

The concept comes with over 50 pre-built page templates. Also, it covers 61 HTML files with proper documentation and library & plugin files. To wrap up, you will find a complete and well-organized package to turn your admin panel more intuitive. 



Notika is another free HTML admin template. It aims to build a feature-enriched admin panel for your site. It has a modern and attractive design. You will find a wide range of primary and advanced features. It includes a code editor, image cropper, wizards, Google map, and more. 

Notika brings a responsive and minimal design. Besides this, it also contains bar charts, area charts, flow charts, modals, tooltips, accordions, and some advanced and trendy features for free. 

It uses FontAwesome font icons and animations. Thus, it makes the admin dashboard more engaging. Also, Nokita is integrated with a cool live chat tool, Tawkto. It helps to manage customer queries in a flexible manner. 


The jeweler is a feature-enriched admin template. This item is specially designed for eCommerce stores. It uses HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, and Bootstrap framework to build this web dashboard. If you are searching for an admin panel to track your business performance and sales, it can be the proper choice. 

It is an adequately optimized template and you will find Jeweler as a fast-loading and well-structured web template. Also, it has a fully responsive layout with multi-functional features. It provides advanced form elements, data tables, Modals, Buttons, Accordion, and more with this admin template.

Besides this, it offers Collapsible sidebar navigation, Password meter, Google and Data map, different types of charts and bars, etc. You will get over 50 HTML pages and other source files. Also, it includes all the demo images with the pages. Moreover, it includes Library and plugin files with this template. 


ElaAdmin is another responsive and classy-looking HTML admin template. It lets you get professional features like a premium one. Like the other popular templates, it includes Google and Vector maps, Modals, Alerts, Switches, Progress bars, basic and advanced forms, etc. 

It has elements like buttons, widgets, badges, Tooglable sidebars, and several reusable UI components. The source files include all the demo images with this template. Also, it has a well-documented code structure. So, you won’t face any hassle in customizing the template. 

ElaAdmin uses FontAwesome and Themigy font icons with intuitive animated effects. Besides this, it provides the feature of including a call to action button for the contact form. Overall, you can use this interactive template to track the activities efficiently.


Once again, Kiaalap comes with a free material design HTML5 admin template. It has a responsive and easy-to-use interface. You will get an attractive and dynamic layout that can provide the best user experience. It includes all the essential elements and basic charts with this template. 

Kiaalap is built with the latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. It includes more than 60 HTML files, Library and plugin files, and other essential source files. Also, you will get three different versions of the dashboard to choose from.  

It has various elements like the other popular admin templates. It includes Plot chart, C3 and D3 charts, Event Calendar, Google and data maps, animated preloaders, Text editor, and many more. You can quickly adapt this template with your environment with a few customizations.

Purple Admin

Purple Admin is one of the most popular and best free admin templates on the web. It is another well-structured template in our list. It uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework to build this. It comes with an elegant design and packed with many basic and advanced features.

It is highly customizable so that the user can easily manage their dashboard. You can make the best use of this tool for eCommerce business operations, project management, admin panels, CMS, and more. It provides all the typical elements like buttons, forms, typography, charts, etc. 

Besides this, it includes a huge collection of widgets. Purple Admin is a fully responsive web template. Also, it is suitable for all modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and more. You may try the premium version to get some advanced features. 


STRdash is a modern and minimal HTML admin template with a bunch of features and assets. It has well-structured and W3C validated codes. So, you won’t face complications to customize it according to your preferences. It includes all the possible components and plugins to control your dashboard. 

STRdash is built with the latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap framework, and JavaScript. It contains three different home versions with two unique navigation styles. Also, it’s a fully responsive admin template. It gives a friendly outlook in all modern browsers and devices.

It has various UI components like Accordions, Modal, Progressbar, Google map, Grid system, and more. Besides this, it includes different types of charts and bars with this template. Moreover, it provides the facility of quick support and free updates. 


CoreUI is another open source and freemium HTML admin template. It has a bunch of unique features. This template is built with HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. It includes well-documented and structured code. So, you can easily customize the control panel regarding your needs. 

It’s genuinely a feature-rich template with Buttons, Cards, Forms, Switches, Social Media Buttons, and many more elements. Also, it includes a Line chart, Bar chart, Doughnut chart, Polar area chart, etc. to show your data efficiently. Besides this, it has Modals, tabs, FontAwesome icon fonts, and various widgets with this template. 

CoreUI is compatible with multiple platforms and devices. You can run this tool without any complications. It lets you make a powerful dashboard to track the progress and overall report of your site. Besides this, you can enhance the functionality of your control panel using multiple plugins available. 


Admin Dashboard Template – Bootstrap 4 & Material Design

MDB comes with a free and responsive Bootstrap admin template for both personal and commercial use. It uses HTML5, CSS3, and MDBootstrap (a powerful UI kit) to build this template. It contains a huge number of UI elements and many interactive features.

You will get the complete advantage of the latest Bootstrap features in this template. MDB brings a wide range of material UI components, icons, animations, and many more. It’s also a fully responsive admin template.

It will work on both desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Also, it is cross-browser compatible. It runs on several browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and more. Besides this, you will get frequent updates with new features. Moreover, you will get technical support from the community. 

Wrapping Up

We pulled some of the best free admin templates on the web so that you can choose the suitable one for your business. All the templates are free and open source. You can download, edit, and modify the products according to your needs. Besides the list above, do you have any other choices? If yes, let us know your findings and share your thoughts in the comment section. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for our valuable readers. 

If you consider this resource helpful, please do share with your community to let them know about this. Till then, have a good time!

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