Best WordPress Membership Plugins

Best WordPress Membership Plugins 2022: Free & Premium

You must see many exclusive login-based websites out there. Creating that kind of site is not as simple as you think. You will need perfect WordPress membership plugins to create that kind of exclusive website. But many people find it difficult to choose such a plugin for different reasons.

To choose the best WordPress membership plugin, you have to look for three facts in the plugins. Firstly, it has to be easy to use. Secondly, it should be compatible with most plugins and addons, and finally, it should have many features to offer.

11 Best WordPress Membership Plugins

We have searched for many membership plugins, and the list below with 11 options got our attention with the most features, amazing UI, compatibility, and affordability.

1. MemberMouse

Want to sell your product more efficiently? Now, you can get help from MemberMouse as it lets you sell your content and any other product with a flexible payment system. This membership plugin also works hard to protect your content. Indeed, it offers a one-click purchase, and you can use coupon codes and get more discounts.


  • Let’s protect your pages with strong passwords.
  • You can auto-lock all the shared accounts with MemberMouse.
  • Displays membership management dashboard and engagement statistics.
  • You can use different automatic tools and check the member activity log.
  • Let’s create intuitive checkout pages and offer social login options.
  • You can sell both physical products and memberships using this plugin.


2. Paid Membership Pro

Having access to a million sites, Paid Membership Pro has been working to help people for around ten years. With this excellent membership plugin, you will get tons of coupons and flexible pricing on your purchases. Besides, it lets create communities and enjoy having thousands of members as well. Want to learn more about it? Let’s check something exciting about it.


  • It lets you build a suitable membership site regarding your needs.
  • You will get coupons for varieties of products, memberships, and courses.
  • It offers varieties of payment methods with flexible and secure transactions.
  • Eventually, you will enjoy 60 premium addons and extensive third-party services.
  • For the restricted content, you can use the intuitive options offered by this plugin.


3. Wishlist Member

You can also try Wishlist Member; if you love you enjoy unlimited customization. This plugin will help you get executive membership, your own site, and even LMH. Also, Wishlist Member works with most WordPress themes, plugins, and page builders. So, there is no need to get worried about its compatibility. Additionally, this plugin allows you to develop essential tools such as REST API and WP template tags.


  • You can sell your digital products, membership, and courses here with this plugin.
  • It lets you protect your content with password protection and premium resources.
  • Wishlist Member accepts more than 20 popular payment gateways.
  • You can use lots of third-party integrations to automate your membership workflow.
  • You can also check the engagement statistics too.


4. S2Member

You can now protect your site, page, and URLs with S2Member. It is a very strong security plugin you should try to enjoy utmost digital security. It is strong enough to protect your streaming video files and downloaded files as well. Besides, it comes with both free and paid versions. Additionally, you can use it for a better Amazon shopping experience.


  • You can create a manual account and customize the email template with S2Member.
  • It allows you to monitor all the logins on your site.
  • The security feature of this plugin is more than satisfying.
  • It is indeed compatible with almost all the WordPress themes, plugins, affiliate programs, and similar.
  • You can also use it to customize the pro-form templates.


5. WP-Plugins

If you are looking for a free membership plugin with the WooCommerce membership option, we must use WP plugins. It is a very customizable and handy plugin that you shouldn’t miss anyway. The best part of this plugin is its flexible system. You don’t initially need to change anything on your WordPress site to use it. Also, it is lighter than most other plugins you will find out there.


  • Here, you will get a user profile feed with a customized registration form.
  • can also customize your site with more than 120 filter hooks and actions.
  • Both free and paid versions are available, so you can choose the best version you like.
  • The intuitive WooCommerce membership option will be a bonus here.
  • If you are confused about how to use it, you can check the user guide.


6. MagicMember

Want to try a membership plugin that is already used by millions of professionals? Try MagicMember. It is another super handy WordPress membership plugin you will regret not using. This plugin has been maintained perfectly for about ten years, and still today, it gets regular updates. Additionally, it comes at an affordable price, and you will love the features it offers.


  • You will get almost all popular payment gateway options here in this plugin.
  • It offers tons of customizable widgets and unlimited extensions.
  • This membership plugin is mostly suggested for selling courses and physical products.
  • You can try the partial content display offers and schedule content delivery.
  • It will also show you the pay for every view and post on your site.


7. ARMember

If you are looking for a very convenient and free membership plugin that lets you create tons of membership levels, ARMember is your must-try. It is a very handy plugin for people who have to create free and trial membership. Also, it works great to provide you with the forms and signup page builders. Additionally, you can use the 1-click content restriction available in this plugin.


  • ARMember helps you build fully functional and convenient membership sites.
  • It comes with built-in form builders and a very straightforward user interface.
  • With its easy tutorial, you can be a pro user even from the very beginning.
  • You can create different types of payment plans. Eventually, you can go for either the paid or free plans.
  • You can also upgrade, downgrade, or renew your membership with it.
  • It also provides anti-spam captcha-free functions.


8. LearnDash

Looking for a login-based plugin for learners? Try LearnDash and get a bucket full of amazing features. It is a very suitable plugin for learners of all ages and levels. Besides, LearnDash will offer you the best courses from the LMH industry. Also, it will help you create a distraction-free environment for the courses. Still not interested? Check out the following feature to learn more about it.


  • You can pay once a year and get subscriptions for unlimited courses.
  • With LearnDash, you can also enjoy complete enrollment, progression, and performance reports.
  • You can use different pricing models and enjoy all the common payment gateway with this plugin.
  • It will give you a notification for your renewal every time it is about to end.
  • It also offers robust user management and engagement triggers.


9. Restriction Content Pro

You can also try Restriction Content Pro if you are looking for a premium quality plugin for the basic content restrictions. This handy plugin comes with intuitive WooCommerce support and lets you enjoy all the basic features for content restriction. Also, it is suitable for almost all WordPress themes, templates, plugins, and sites. Besides, it comes with very reasonable pricing.


  • You will get more than 34 premium addons with this amazing content restriction plugin.
  • This plugin gets regular updates, so you will be able to unlock new features daily.
  • Licenses for unlimited sites will also be there for you if you buy the professional package.
  • You will get customer email support and a dashboard with this plugin.
  • It is completely integrated with WooCommerce.


10. MemberPress

The list of the best WordPress Membership Plugins will never be completed if we avoid MemberPress from the list. It is quite like an all-in-one login-based plugin you should try for WordPress membership sites. Also, it lets you create an unlimited number of customizable memberships with MemberPress. Besides, it lets you enjoy full control over the upgrade path, and you can put members in your group.


  • MemberPress is completely integrated with GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and many more.
  • You will get lots of powerful LMH features with it.
  • You will get a customizable checkout and affordable pricing.
  • Advanced course creator and intuitive subscription billing systems are available here.
  • It offers digital download and cooperates memberships too.
  • MemberPress also supports multiple payment gateways.


11. OptinMonster

We have come to the final recommendation for today, and it is OptinMonster. We would like to inform you that it’s the world’s number tool conversation toolkit for your convenience. But you should remember that it’s not a login-based plugin, but you can integrate it with any other login-based plugins like MemberPress. Let’s check what more it will offer.


  • This plugin offers over 50 pre-made templates, and it is compatible with all types of modern devices.
  • You will get the native integration with tons of email providers.
  • You can indeed install it on almost all kinds of WordPress sites.
  • It is eventually built with performance in mind. That’s why it will never slow down your system anyway.
  • You don’t need to have past experience or even the coding knowledge to use this plugin.

So, these are the best WordPress membership plugins you can use without any doubt. Still, we suggest you check out the small details of each plugin so that you can find out the appropriate one that you are looking for.

Final Thought

Among these WordPress membership plugins, it is pretty much difficult to find the one that is the best. It’s because all the plugins are the best options from their respective place and functions. Still, if you ask what plugins we are using right now, we must say MemberPress and ARMember. Now, first, think about your requirements and choose the best options from the list.

Share your experience with us about using the plugins you have chosen from the list. Also, share it with others if you find it helpful. Thank you for your time.

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