Best Free Procreate Fonts for Design

Best Free Procreate Fonts for Design

Customized fonts are a great way to add uniqueness to your work. If you want to add stunning headings and subheadings, these customized fonts just do the job perfectly. If your design requires writing in calligraphy style and you don’t know how to, Just use the hand-lettering font style. Your work will be finished in no time. Ever since the release of Procreate, it has been a lifesaver for designers. With the touch of a finger, the choices are unlimited. Do you want to use attractive & free procreate fonts in your artwork, designs, and other projects to attract your reader’s attention?

But choosing the font that goes with your design is a lengthy and challenging task because there are hundreds of fonts to choose from. So how do you select the best fonts for your work?

Don’t worry! We will reveal a shortlist to get rid of this confusion soon.

Default Procreate Fonts

Initially, procreate has three default fonts that you can use. Below are given the default fonts.

●   Eina: It is a sans-serif font. It works for both casual and formal applications.

●   Impact: It is a powerful, eye-catching font that’s perfect for headers.

●   Jack Armstrong BB: it is a comic-inspired font with a lively feel. It’s to give a funny letter look.

Best 20+ Free Procreate Fonts for Design

We have compiled a shortlist to show you the top procreate fonts that can give a huge impression that can make your mark on the design.

1.Fab – Ice Lolly Font

Best Free Procreate Fonts for Design

It doesn’t get much more vintage than this for these fonts. Ice lollies with strawberry and vanilla flavours, a chocolate coating, and sprinkles on top inspired this font. This font is perfect for birthday cards, posters, flyers, and anything that demands a vintage feel.

2. Midnight Workers

Best Free Procreate Fonts for Design

Midnight Workers is a trendy sans-serif typeface. It’s dynamic and straightforward, the relaxed shape makes it ideal for headlines, logos, and other design demands that call for a formal touch while also lively.

3. Hello Agatha

Best Free Procreate Fonts for Design

It’s a letter with a lovely flowing font. You can use this font in your designs to create stylish titles and headings. Also, to create quotes, posters, and book covers, among other things.

4. Dailova

It is a script font that combines handwritten cursive letter patterns with a relaxed font style to put you at ease. Also, they have various sizes of Upper and lower case letters. This font is easy to use and gives your design an elegant look.

5. Pastel Handwriting Font

Best Free Procreate Fonts for Design

Pastel is a handwriting sans and a funny and cute character. When adding text to Procreate, choose fonts that appear to be hand-crafted. It’s the perfect way to make your text flow with your artwork. This font fabulously does the work.

It’s a lovely and simple font that’s ideal for people who want to write a note with mild ink strokes. And you can use it for logos, business cards, magazine layouts, invites, and headlines.

6. BlissHearts Handwriting Font

If you want to make titles or headings in your artwork that pass smoothly between each letter, then this font is for you. This font will look great in a variety of creative works and works.

These fonts are perfect for writing logos, quotes, magazines, website headers, clothes, branding, and packaging design.

7. Webrush Brush Font

Webrush unites attractive curves with a stylish twist. It is a modern brush script font in which each letter works to make your text look stunning. It creates an elegant font that will make your logo designs, brand graphics, handwritten quotations, product packaging, goods, and social media posts stand out.

8. The Wanderer – Handwritten Font

The Wanderer is a one-of-a-kind handwriting font with a compressed letter layout. This font will give your text a natural hand-drawn feel as if you drew each letter by hand.

It is light and airy but will have a powerful impact on your designs. The font will increase the curiosity and adventure that you want to convey in your format.

And it suits Instagram posts, stories, home decor, furniture catalogs, invitation cards, wall décor, leaflets, and brochures ideally. Also, YouTube channels and covers work like a charm.

9. Hakuno – Chic Handwriting

This handwriting font is perfect for giving your artwork and visuals a more casual and delicate feel. It is a set of beautiful letters with thick, wavy designs. The font is especially suited for book covers, quotations, and subtitles. Also suitable for a poster, a website, product names, branding, and editorial types of work.

10. Elvishwild Display Font

Elvishwild is a beautiful tattoo font that meets all of your needs for powerful characters and simple understanding. It’s one of the best free Procreate fonts because of its elegant and swirly style. Its sophisticated style enhances your works. And you can use it in a variety of formal and informal designs.

11. Sunday Morning Font

Sunday Morning is a colorful display font with a basic but attractive linework pattern. Writing in all uppercase – creates a unique impression. You can make a thick, modern script by writing in lowercase letters. Combine the two to make your work stand out.

Sunday Morning is a very versatile display font for various creative works, with a powerful and stunning letter style combined with a basic 3D edge design.

12. Gines – A Handwriting Font

Gines is a funky font with a one-of-a-kind letter pattern. This font has a story for each letter, and it will make your work look more artistic than before. This font is best for logos, wedding invitations, magazines, mugs, business cards, quotes, and posters. You can also use it to design a horror-themed text or even a cover title for a children’s book.

13. Candela

Candela is light and exquisite handwritten typeface for beauty-themed work or a stylish text layer for any backdrop image.

It delivers a high level of clarity. It’s suitable for branding works, logos, and social media posts, advertisements, quoted text, signatures, product packaging, product designs, labels, photography, watermarks, fashion, and boutique types of work.

14. Blackball Brush Font

Blackball Brush font is a multipurpose font that you can use for a vast number of jobs. This font is a calligraphy-style brush font. It suits perfectly for logos and branding, invitations, watermarks, wedding designs, social media posts, & product packaging. Besides, you can use it for commercial product designs, labels, photography, stationery, special events, and more.


15. Enchante – Cursive

Enchante is a cursive font that adds a sophisticated look to any work. It displays artistic brilliance with finely constructed line work. This font is perfect for luxury branding, logos, posters, and much more.

16. GoodHood

GoodHood is a free font for procreating with unique features that makes it flawlessly work for logos and headlines. It features classic brush script-style letters with a gentle graffiti touch in a 90s vintage theme design. It’s ideal for creating headlines.

17. Ignazio sans Serif Font

Ignazio is a bold sans serif procreate fonts with a modern touch. It brings a simple & powerful font linework pattern in uppercase fonts. It has four types: Regular, Outline, and italic. It was developed primarily as a spotlight exhibition font.

18. Silky Candy

Silky Candy is a sweet, lovely, and delightful display font. This font works for quotes, comics, books, greeting cards, toys, posters, baby clothing, and picture books. Basically, these fonts you can use whenever the design demands a comfortable and playful aesthetic feel.

19. Mama Papa

Mama Papa is a sans-serif font with a stunning lowercase look and a basic design. It is a font with crazily margined characters and a brush-stroke finish for pleasant artwork. This font fits perfectly when the design is based on kid-friendly branding campaigns, or among other things.

20. Pen Story

Pen story is a handwritten font that is used informally. Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation are all included in this typeface. Its casual font with strokes is excellent for quotations, storylines, social media, children’s work, and many more uses.

21. The Rughton Script

Best Free Procreate Fonts for Design

Rughton Script is a powerful, bold script that was created with hand scratches to give more natural writing. It is a multi-layered 3D effect and borders on a cursive design. A diversity of switches accompanies the basic style of the hand-lettering script and aesthetic styles that are appropriate.

And it’s suited for packaging, logos, labels, posters, shirt designs, wisdom quotations, bulletins, typography, and many other media, especially with a vintage-style theme.


To Conclude

We know choosing the best free procreate fonts is difficult according to your designs. That’s why having a popular font collection on your hands can be very helpful. And with this free procreate font collection, you’ll be able to pick the right font for your work and start taking advantage of these beautiful fonts.


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