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How To Choose A Good Web Host for Online Business

If you want to build a website, the first thing you would need is a web host. If you search for them, you will get many. But which one is right for you? How would you decide? How to choose a web host according to your business requirements?

Well, calm down! This is nothing rocket science. You can quickly get the best web hosting for you by focusing on the types and features only. Let’s get started with the basics of web hosting.

This article will tell you the tips to get the best web host for you in detail. It would help if you were really confused and wanting to ask so many questions. You can scroll down and read the whole article. Hopefully, you’ll get all the answers.

How To Choose A Web Host

What is Web Hosting?

To view your website on the internet, you must get a web host. A web host is known as the home of a website. This is basically a networking structure that keeps your website available. For more clarity, here we’ll go with an example.

Suppose you want to open a shop in your area. You’ve brought the product to sell, you’ve collected a logo and even the shop name. Then what’s the thing stopping you from starting your business? It’s simple, you didn’t get a place to build your shop. 

Hosting is the exact same thing as that place to set up the shop. The hosting provider gives you access to rent a spot on the internet. Whatever you want to share with the world, it needs to be stored in some specific place. In this way, you can also say it as storage.

What is the difference between web hosting and domain name?

Well, this makes a great confusion among the beginners. Web hosting and domain name are two different things. A domain name allows you to set up your website on the internet. But to make it visible to everyone, you would need a web host. If you got the domain name but not the web hosting, you’ll not go active on the internet.

As now we know what a web host is, time to go for the next step. As it’s mentioned before, you’ll get tons of web hosting services on the internet. If you know the types of web hosting, it might be relatively more straightforward for you to choose the best one for you. Then, let’s not do any late and go for the available types.

Types of web hosting

Knowing the types can help you to make the best decision. We can categorize web hosting in three main ways:

  • Shared
  • Dedicated
  • VPS – Virtual Private server

Shared web host

The shared web host is the cheapest one. This kind of host serves multiple sites and is perfect for small businesses, beginners, and bloggers. For people searching for an affordable deal, shared web hosting can be the best web hosting for you.

Dedicated web host

Dedicated web hosts are made with advanced features. Here you get high-quality privacy, security, stability as well as good reliability. These types of hostings are comparatively the highest one in price. If you’re seeking high-traffic websites, you can get a dedicated web host.

VPS- Virtual private server

If you’re opening a medium type business, VPS can be a great choice. Also, if your website includes a large size of images and videos, you should choose VPS. Here you get the dedicated server resources, custom configuration at an affordable cost.

How to choose a web host?

Well, you’ve already known about the main three types of Web host. Now, you can compare each class with your needs. Then it will be easy for you to select the best kind. Obviously, if you’re running a small business, it would not be an excellent decision to choose the dedicated one. 

On the contrary, when your business is quite big, you should not select shared hosting. To get the best result, you need to know your business type as well as the hosting. Choosing the right web host can extend your business at once.

Another thing to focus on choosing the right web hosting is the features. Whatever web host you select, don’t forget to check on the parts and service. After all, your business depends on this. The features you need to focus on:

Disk space

Disk space is basically the storage you will need in your website to show the data publicly. These data may include text files, images, audios, videos and any other contents. How much space you’ll need depends on the size of your website as well as the budget. The bigger your website is, the more space you’ll need. So, before having a web host, make sure you calculate the disk space.


As a customer, how much data your web host provider will allow you to upload and download depending on the speed. If this feature fails to work rightly, you may get into trouble. Not only this, but It may also limit traffic on your website.



Well, you obviously want to have a hosting that doesn’t ensure you the proper safety for your website. Either you choose a shared one or the dedicated one, security will be the most vital feature to consider. To avoid hacking, junks, virus attacks on your website, you have to choose a security guaranteed host.

Besides, to get internet acceptance, you should have the secure socket layer and a certificate for your website. Though you can purchase them separately;y, you can also get them from the hosting company. Many web hosts come with SSL certificate. So, you can search for those packages too.

Uptime and high availability

Just imagine, after investing so much time and money, your website keeps going offline without any notice. Obviously, it’ll be terrible to go offline suddenly when your visitors are getting interested in your site. It will down the impression as well as the rank of the website. So, make sure you get the host that provides 24/7 availability.

Customer support

customer support

Before choosing a company to purchase web hosting, have the ensured immediate support whenever you face any issue with the service. It would be really pathetic if you’ve to bear the hassle just to get into touch with the service providers. 

Make sure your hosting provider makes your website up for 24/7. So, whenever you’re going to purchase a web host, check on their uptime percentage. This shows their ability to keep your website running all time.

User friendly

User-friendly means the functions that are not really difficult to handle. If you’re going to have a web host, check on their functioning process. Especially when you’re a beginner, these complicated functions of managing hosts can be a big deal for you.

Good Email

Email service comes with almost every web host. When you get a free email with your web hosting, check on the service. A good web host will provide email service with more than just sending and receiving features. Make sure your host scans and aside spams.

Migration service

You bear the absolute right to change your web host. But in this case, your website may get into trouble as your hosting company doesn’t give you that access. So, make sure you have easy moving access. Migration service is an essential feature to have as a good host.

Few factors before getting a web host

Besides these features, there are some factors you need to remember before getting a host. Let’s discuss them.

Price range

The first rule about purchasing web hosting is, you get what you pay. If you go for the cheapest one, you’ll probably get a low-quality service. And a host without good service can never be good for your website.

Check on the hidden charges

Before purchasing a web host, take a look at their charging policy. Some hosts offer a low price at the beginning. Later they claim a very high price while renewing. Not only that, but you should also know the hidden charges the host carries. 

Besides that, you need to know the cancellation charge of the hosting tool. In some cases, you might want to cancel your monthly. Yearly packages. In this case, you can check their policy section.

Avoid the unlimited offers

You’ll get some hosting providers offering unlimited storage packages. These offers generally are just to show people. After a particular time, they seem to shut down your site or hamper the performance. So, you need to be aware of these spamming offers.

Domain package

Some web hosts come with domain packages. As a beginner, it might be a cool option for you. But before purchasing, remember, in the future, if you would change your host, then separating the domain from the host could give you difficulties.

Final words

Web hosting is the home of your website. That’s why it’s crucial to find out the most appropriate one. Hope this article served you with the right tips on how to choose a web host for your business. We tried to explain the factors and features you should focus on while purchasing a good web host. Now, you know the ins and outs of buying web hosting, getting the best one for you, and making your website online.

Thanks for reading. Decide the best, and make the wisest use of your money.

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