Best Landing Page Design Inspirations And Examples To Follow in 2021

In the field of online marketing and lead generation, the name landing page is a very familiar name. It is also known as the lead capture page or destination page or static page. It is mainly a one-page webpage that is used to display the logical extension of online advertisements. However, making a landing page is not like making any website page. For a better and successful page, you should be aware of the landing page design inspirations, and here we come today to discuss everything about it.

Best Landing Page Design Inspirations

Preparing a landing page can never assure you that you’ll get more visitors and clients. That prefers an eye-catching and efficient page that people love to learn more about. Here, you’ll find the best landing page design inspirations or trends that will help you to have a more effective landing page.

1. Repetition

Best Landing Page Design Inspirations

Repetition should be avoided by most of the prospects of our life. But it’s not for landing page design. Repeating your word, again and again, can bring some good for your landing page designs. It will reinforce a noticeable Feature of the selling point. Repeating your work will be a very effective way to grab prospects’ attention.

On the other hand, you can repeat different eye-catching points that can make the prospects change their decision if there is any other choice rather than you. Some popular land pages are seen repeating the benefits like not requiring your credit card details and similar a few more times to grab viewers’ attention.

2. Using relatable figures and facts

Keeping some relatable facts and figures is a very innovative idea for landing page design. You can use some statistical charts or notable point tags on your page. It looks good and the tag will catch the viewer’s attention so easily. Besides, you can add tags revealing the client’s number of short reviews to make quick trust on the new and probable clients. You can use either facts banner, tag, or figures and ever use both within a little space.

3. Attach Video Contents

Some people don’t like reading at all. Instead watching short videos seems good for them. Adjusting one marketing video on your landing page can create more engagement and keep more remarks. In this case, the video duration should be moderated and prominent. Besides, you should keep in mind the ‘to the point subject matter. Nothing irrelevant should be there at all.

4. Includes Some Directional Cue

An efficient landing page aims to catch the probable visitors’ attention and to make them click for more details. Some effective visual directional cues can push the visitors to do so as an example of active landing page design inspiration.

5. Knot a Photo of Real People

Attaching an image of some real people is good to have a visitor’s eyes. On different marketing landing pages and portfolio landing pages, you must see an image of one or some real persons. Sometimes, the image of the owner of the marketing business is likely to have more trust in the visitors. At the same time, it will bring a good effect on your career and business.

6. Use Some Trust Signals

If you are aware of how some trust signals work as a provocation for the preferable visitors to learn more about the business, you never avoid it from the list of your landing page design inspirations. However, by the trust signals, we meant client reviews, partnership badges, brand logos, testimonials, and similar. These signals are likely to be the most powerful and dominating elements for a successful landing page UI design remark.

7. White Space is Good

You don’t need to be afraid of some white space. Keeping some space-free looks classy and elegant. There are some landing page design templates, experts consider the worst which are full of words and images. They seem to be like a page jammed up with personal appreciation or silly attention-seeking sentences.

But believe us, most people don’t like to read so many things and so, you have to make sure with some white space that you don’t need many things to say about your business as you believe in hard work.

8. Color Combination

You should also give proper thought while choosing the color combination of the landing page. Something noticeable is preferred here. You should remember that the color you choose can bring a message and convey emotions and moods. So, be more sincere and learn if there is any deep meaning of using any particular color before using it on your page.

9. Try One-Click Sign Up process

New visitors don’t like to go through more hassles while visiting your page or business details. So, if you manage to keep a one-click sign-up system, you are likely to have more traffic. Because, when they find some more clicks and uploading pages come up to reach your page, most of them end up coming back before reaching the true destination. That won’t look good for your page. So, trying the one-click won’t disappoint you in this case.

10. Avoid Copying

So far, not using a copy is a little bit harder when preparing a landing page. But it’s not impossible and if you manage to give it a few more of your time, you can make a completely new landing page. As it is a matter of a single page, you cannot keep so many words and subjects. So, give a thought to make everything unique and identical. Hopefully, that will bring more responses and appreciation.

Best Landing Pages Examples


Here is another noticeable example of a successful and best landing page. It is crucially designed with Bootstrap 4+, modern jQuery library, and SCSS. And it is best to display software and apps. Besides, it is completely responsive and all the layout codes are very clean and customization friendly. You can also check other exciting template designs of this perfect landing page and get inspired.

Visit Pentrax

The Professional Wingman

Just like its title, it’s for finding dates and getting into a relationship. The landing page of The Professional Wingman provides all the information needed in a simple way. It is presented in a vibrant theme and bold-colored CTA button. The visitors are not taken on a new page if they choose to sign up for it. That’s a positive and transparent approach. 

Visit The Professional Wingman


Let’s check out one of the materialistic landing page examples, which is known as Lyft. The page is about drivers’ applications for driving hours and expected income and so on. The page includes essential functions, such as driving hours and city input. One can simply put in the information and get informed about the calculated amount.

There are paths to apply for the service and they are provided on the same page, no need to visit other links or pages. The page shows the necessary data related to the service and poses a positive impact on the visitors.

Visit Lyft

Khan Academy

It’s a challenging task to put the necessary things on just a single page and that is true for educational giants like Khan Academy. Their landing page is capable of showing the main information properly. It is helpful for all types of visitors, such as the students, teachers, and parents of the concerned students.

The page is colorful and written in visible fonts which is capable of pleasing the visitors with its charm.

Visit Khan Academy

Muck Rack

Muck Rack has an ideal landing page. It shows all the services they provide for the consumers. The navigation system is efficient. The top of the page splits into two and provides different services side by side. It is clever and straightforward. The visitors will just have to move their hands to those CTAs. That is simple and does not distract audiences from their tasks.

Visit Muck Rack


You have to appreciate the landing page of Cigital for its design and relevant information. They provide to-the-point information and details of their services. The single call-to-action “READ THE EBOOK” is enough for getting the attention of the visitors. The theme and design of the page stand out with its yellow-colored CTA buttons. The navigation bar on the landing page should have been avoided.

Visit Cigital


Poached is one place to look for food, drink places, and jobs. The updates are provided with the necessary details. The homepage is easy to navigate. Whether you want to post a job or looking for one it’s there. The visitors can choose their desired city. Clicking on the posts will show the way to be connected. It poses a welcoming and comprehensive environment.

Visit Poached


Breather is another great example of fresh and delightful landing pages. Visitors will instantly get the option to look for potential places nearby. It is simply presented and provides valuable information about company services. It is easy to contact them as there are chat options and sign-up buttons on the same page.

Visit Breather

To Conclude

So, we have come to the ending lines of our discussion. Hopefully, you got a clear idea about the most efficient landing page design inspirations. Besides, you have learned about the best and successful landing pages that are mostly chosen by industry professionals. So, keeping those tricks about the trends and landing page UI designs in mind and having some more ideas of the mentioned pages, you’ll be able to make your own successfully. Still, if you want something to learn, don’t hesitate to inform us.


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