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web design interview questions

Most Essential Web Design Interview Questions With Answers

A person who designs content for the web is known as a web designer. Basically, Web designer’s roaming options are hypertext and hypermedia. They focus on styling, layout, content, text, and web page images. 

In short, the web designer creates websites that are prepared to display on the internet. Their main activities are developing and redesigning websites or software

To examine and justify the capabilities of web designers, you have to follow some tricks while making web design interview questions. Let’s learn some more about the questions with the answers in detail.

Area of questioning for Web Design Interview

Starting a career as a web designer may change a person’s outlook towards the generation as new days demand the web designer with a sound knowledge of coding and designing. It is also comparable with modern art, making you decorate software to present it in front of different viewers. 

1. You have to acquire excellent conduct to elaborate HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP language. You may ask to drag elaboration of HTML elements, HTML tags Semantic HTML.

2 . The interviewer may ask you to explain the term Standard Mode, Quirks Mode, and XHTML.

4. You also have a clear idea on a numbered list, bulleted list, tag, bracket for href, alt, src text, linking to an image, email address, and website. 

If you prepare questions for a trainee, you must use focus on these preliminary topics, and as a trainee, a candidate should have a right hand on it. And if the question is prepared for experienced web designer hiring, the previously discussed topic topics have many things inside to explore.

Types of Web Design Interview Questions

The candidates who have expertise in many web languages get high preference as the most eligible participant for a company. To trace out the suitable web designer, a smart and well-modified question set up is a must. 

You shouldn’t set a particular type of question for all sorts of candidates. You should organize your questions by observing the nature of the applicant and the requirements. Though there are different sorts of problems, the three categories are given below.

1. Web design interview questions for internship applicants.

2. Web design interview questions for the junior and mid-range candidates.

3. Web design interview questions for experienced candidates.

1. Web design interview questions for internship applicants

When you are going to set up a particular interview question for a newbie, you must keep in mind the applicant’s proficiency, quality, and experience range. The main thing that you have to trace out from the candidate is his zeal and dedication level of learning. 

On the other hand, you also focus on the fact that sometimes many complicated questions make candidates puzzled and degrade the performance. Picking a curious newbie is more important than having an experienced person as a trainee. 

For an internship applicant, you’re questioning basic web design questions that make the applicant easy in front of the interviewer. To impress the interviewer, effective response with extempore is a must. You have to prepare the answer to some common questions so that the probable problem can’t put you into any trouble.

Explain the most common languages ​and platforms used for website design?

The main languages used for web designing are :

HTML refers to Hypertext Markup Language, and it is used to develop the base template of a web page.

CSS style denotes Cascading Style Sheet that manages font styles, sizes, and color combinations 

JS stands for JavaScript and its fixed code functionality.

PHP means Personal Home Page that is used for server-side scripting.

How would you define yourself as a web designer?

As a creative, unified, and visual front-end designer, I need to ensure the websites were user-friendly. I can help with back-end design that will enhance my knowledge of the basics. 

What is the uniqueness of web designing that inspired you?

The amazing thing that always excites me is that the color and font can transform into a new website. My images and thoughts can get a concrete new fresh layout that is truly inspiring. The ability to help brands tell their stories more effectively through vivid imagery is truly inspiring.

What is Semantic HTML, and what is the difference between HTML elements and tags?

Semantic HTML denotes a coding style. Here the tags indicate the semantic words of the text that is formatted without any structure or meaning. HTML elements are used to instruct the browser, and HTML tags are bound angular brackets.

How many HTML tags can you use for a Basic HTML page?

 In a basic HTML page, four sets of HTML tags are allowed to be used.

Without sorting text, how do you sort comments into HTML codes?

To insert comments into HTML code, you need to put them between and <-!>.

What could be the issue if the hyperlink is not displaying correctly?

The reason hyperlinks do not display correctly is because of missing citations, tags, parentheses for href, alt, or src text.

2. Web design interview questions for the junior and mid-range candidates

To examine a junior applicant or a mid-range candidate, the interviewer shouldn’t need to explore the vast world of web designing from the examinee. The primary need would be quick decision-making, instant movement, or reaction towards the demand and team playing capabilities.

Thus, a question should be designed to help the interviewer define these abilities from a mid-range web designer. 

What are the design components of an optimized website?

There are a few common ways of implementing CSS and JS code. By minimizing the length of the codes the load of the web pages can be faster. It helps to shorten the appropriate resources and reduce unused scripts and CSS modules. 

Explain the shortcomings of XHTML pages?

XHTML browsers have so little support that Internet Explorer and other browsers cannot parse XHTML into XML.

What is DOCTYPE?

DOCTYPE tells the browser what kind of HTML should be used on the web page. Again, the browser uses DOCTYPE to determine how a page is rendered. 

What is the difference between Standard Mode and Quirks Mode?

Quirks mode is a compatibility mode, and it can be different in each browser which causes inconsistencies in the appearance of any web page in some browsers. Standard mode is a compatible mode of displays that is available in all browsers.

Differentiate between linking to an image, email address, and website

To link an image I should use tags but it must be enclosed in a quote with the source attribute src of the opening tag. The hyperlink above the text must be in the anchor tag. HREF stands for Hypertext Reference.

Do you work with UX design?

I have a little experience with UX but I understand the importance of the design process. My position as a web designer will be directly influenced by the research and results of the UX team.

What tools do you use most when designing?

As I love learning, I like to use Adobe, Sketch, Figma, and platforms like Wix and WordPress with many other new tools.

How do you adhere to W3 in your web design?

W3 stands for World Wide Consortium that is responsible for web standards that ensure all content is accessible in all browsers.

How do you design a responsive web page?

Responsive design refers to the best viewing webpage that gives a positive interaction of experience. It should be free from extra scrolling, resizing, or screen-panning and visitors should be able to navigate the site without any extra effort.

What would be your reaction after receiving harsh criticism from a client?

As web designing is mostly a client-based profession, I have to fulfill the demands of the client. I did a web design for a travel agency last year and they were not satisfied with the patterns, colors, and images.

But as a designer, I have to create a clutter-free and user-friendly webpage. I explained the reason to them so that I could navigate the issue and adjust some designs. 

How much do you involve clients during your design process?

I always prefer initial meetings to discuss client requirements and create a preliminary design for sending their reviews. As the design progresses, I send updates to keep them informed. After the project is completed I send it to them for final review so that we can discuss the necessary changes, deadlines, and other logistics.

3. Web design interview questions for experienced candidates

Finding an experienced candidate is not an easy task to do. You can’t determine the level of learning by having the answer to some fixed problems. To judge an experienced applicant’s quality, the examiner should have a versatile and unique set of questions. 

An experienced candidate should possess instant decision-making quality with the team leading efficiency. That’s why Web design interview questions for the experienced candidate should have multidimensional and technical questions.

How do the fonts of a web page be combined? 

Web fonts have some similarities and dissimilarities. As web fonts always include the source, to combine the fonts in a web page, a web designer should inspect the sharpness of the font, stroke contrast, and other differences carefully. 

How many types of font will you use on one website?

On a website, we can use two or three fonts at the same time. But more than three fonts create redundancy that makes the website seem unorganized. 

How do you create a good color scheme? 

The human brain always looks for the harmony of particular color schemes that are more attractive. The three prominent color schemes that maintain order are monochromatic, analogous, and complementary. 

Can you explain common examples of prominent color schemes?

Monochromatic color schemes refer to all sorts of tint, shades, and hues. On the other hand, an Analogous Palette is used to harmonize color and warm and cool. Complementary refers to the opposite site colors of the color wheel.

How many H1 tags will you use in a webpage, and why?

A web page should contain Only an H1 tag. The H1 tag is considered as the main title of the page that directs search engines to your web page. Misuse of H1 tags can damage SEO functionality.

 How do you benefit from using CSS?

CSS is a lightweight coding system that controls the text’s dimensions like fonts and colors. Moreover, it offers many options for formatting with SEO benefits.  

Have you used HTTP or HTTP/2 in your past design products?

HTTP / 2 streamlines my design process and allows me to create formats in less time so that the faster a page loads and the more customers a website will get.

What is an external style sheet?

An external style sheet is a document that contains style information for many web pages or HTML files. External CSS is usually attached via a lead tag that falls under the head component. 

What have you learned from mistakes on the job?

I have only one philosophy that every piece of work, regardless of size, it has to be done on time and in the right manner. I have learned from mistakes that without proper coordination a simple task could cause problems in a project. I had this problem during my first job, and From that time on, I made sure to follow every detail and coordination.

Describe your management style.

 Promptness and flexibility define My management style. To ensure that the goal is achieved, I study religiously and plan with the smallest detail.

What role do you play in team working?

I like to be versatile as a team player. I can act as a leader, an assistant, a communicator, a secretary, to ensure the success of the team. It is not easy to work individually with minimal supervision. Whatever the task assigned to me, I make sure that it meets and exceeds the excess.

Finishing Lines

The interviewer and the applicants both must have a thorough idea of the web designing questioning area. Discovering a deep understanding of a topic is the most vital matter for a web designer. 

You have to accrue a good knowledge of your role and contribution to the brand you represent. A well-presented interview plays a vital role in your life to secure an established and flourishing career as a web designer.

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